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  • BULCKE, Monica and THEUWISSEN, Fabienne, 2018. EUSUHM workshop: Nurses in School HealthCare: Youth Health Care/ School Nursing. Youth Health Care in Flanders Belgium. In: ISSOP2018 - Early Childhood Intervention: Science, Systems and Policies - Promoting Healthy Development of Vulnerable Children [online]. Bonn, Germany: DGSPJ. 28 September 2018. p. 1–120. [Accessed 4 November 2018]. Available from: https://www.issop.org/cmdownloads/bakker-issop-2018/

    Workshop titel: How can Youth Health Care/ School Nursing influence the health of children and teenagers and help them to grow up healthy and happy?  Content and objective of the workshop : Youth Health Care/ School Nursing can be an effective intervention for health promotion and disease prevention and hence support optimal development of all children in their environment. The contribution of youth health/ school nurses can increase the health and education chances of children and adolescents and may reduce inequalities in health. Various countries have established nurses in their (pre-) school system. During the workshop collegues from Flanders, Germany and the Netherlands will present their practices. The concepts of (pre-)school nursing in the three countries will be presented, including the professional training, tasks/ aims of the nurses and their daily practice. Afterwards different topics will be discussed with the audience. We intend to enhance the quality and profile of Youth Health/ School Nursing and contribute to the further development of the profession. Discussion Topics: outcomes of Youth Health/ School Nursing, universal versus individual Youth Health care, and challenges für the Youth Health Care/ School Nursing facing transition of development stages

    Authors, Institutions:  Monica Bulcke. Flemish association of Youth Health Care. Fabienne Theuwissen. Flemish association of Youth Health Care.