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  • ISSOP e-Bulletin Nº 33 - May 2018

    CONTENTS 1. Introduction

    2. Meetings and news 2.1 Message from Jeffrey Goldhagen 2.2 ISSOP Annual Conference 2018 invitation letter 2.3 The Program 2.4 WHO training in paediatrics on the International Code 2.5 Early Child Education: When and How?

    3. International Organisations and Voices 3.1. Nurturing Care Framework for Early Childhood Development 3.2. Report from the Pediatric American Societies (PAS) Meeting 3.3. Disseminating the Budapest Declaration in Japan

    4. Current controversy Antibiotic use in low-income countries

    5. CHIFA report CHIFA and the Newborn Care Project

    6. Publications 6.1 Anthony Costello has developed a Blog! 6.2. WHO Release: Breastfeeding in Facilities 6.3. Why do children die?