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  • End the violence against children, International pediatric association (IPA), ISPCAN, ISSOP and Know Violence in Childhood issued the following statement:

    Violence against children of the world: Burden, consequences and recommendations for action

    We urge pediatricians, health and welfare workers and policy makers to prioritise VAC as an urgent public health issue and call for coordinated efforts in the following areas:

    ·       Addressing children living in humanitarian contexts

    ·       A public health model for VAC in all jurisdictions incorporating  monitoring and surveillance as well as prevention responses

    ·       More effective integration between the common concerns of violence against women and VAC

    ·       A push for hospitals/ health care facilities and schools to serve as useful settings for interventions at the program and systems levels

    ·       Inter-sectoral action across all levels¾from individual providers to professional societies, public health professionals and policy makers to advocate to end VAC