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  • ÖZMERT, Elif N., DERMAN, Orhan, BIDECI, Aysun, OKUMUS, Nurullah, BODUROGLU, Koray and BAKKALOGLU, Sevcan, 2018. Turkish National Pediatric Society Action Model for Refugee Children. In: ISSOP2018 - Early Childhood Intervention: Science, Systems and Policies - Promoting Healthy Development of Vulnerable Children [online]. Bonn, Germany: DGSPJ. 29 September 2018. p. 1–120. [Accessed 4 November 2018]. Available from: https://www.issop.org/cmdownloads/ozmert-issop-2018/

    Background: After the Syrian war which started in March 2011, currently there are 3,589,384 Syrian in Turkey under “Temporary Protection Status” whom 44.7% are under 18 years of age. Established with the mission to “promote child health and support pediatricians” the Turkish National Pediatric Society (TNPS) has acted for these children and pediatricians serving them since 2012

    Method: TNPS acted in 3 lines. One for supporting and promoting pediatricians in the regions with high refugee population, second supporting families and adolescence and third increasing social awareness and acceptance with a campaign with tagline “Everything starts with love”. All these activities aimed both physical and mental health of children All these activities were made in collaboration with governmental organizations as well as IPA and IPA-F as well as other international NGOs.

    Results: Since 2012, 10 regional meetings were organized for physicians with participation of more than 2000 physicians, training to mothers were given in Osmaniye Cevdetiye temporary protection center on child health topics and to adolescents on stress management. Also a research paper about the mental health problems of these adolescents has been published. Twenty eight famous artist and football player took place in the social awareness campaign “Everything starts with love”. At every national congress this topic is discussed and at the last national Congress an international mental health workshop was conducted with around 200 participants.

    Discussion: A real world model of action experience for refugee children for national pediatric societies is presented and it will be discussed under ISSOP Budapest Declaration.

    Authors, Institutions: Elif N. Özmert1, MD,PhD, Orhan Derman1, MD,PhD, Aysun Bideci2, MD, Nurullah Okumuş3, MD, Koray Boduroğlu1, MD, PhD, Sevcan Bakkaloğlu2, MD, Enver Hasanoğlu4

    1Hacettepe University Faculty of Medicine Department of Pediatrics; 2Gazi University Faculty of Medicine Department of Pediatrics; 3Yıldırım Beyazıt University Faculty of Medicine Department of Pediatrics; 4Turkish National Pediatric Society