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  • STEINEBACH, Stefan, 2018. ICF-CY and the Importance of orthopaedic and rehab devices for disabled people. In: ISSOP2018 - Early Childhood Intervention: Science, Systems and Policies - Promoting Healthy Development of Vulnerable Children [online]. Bonn, Germany: DGSPJ. 27 September 2018. p. 1–120. [Accessed 4 November 2018]. Available from: https://www.issop.org/cmdownloads/steinebach-issop-2018/

    Background: For people with physical limitations participation is, according to the criteria of the ICF-CY, one of the most important goals to achieve. As environmental factors orthopaedic and rehab devices play a major role to accomplish participation in daily life and in addition to that provide the highest possible level of quality of life for our patients.  In this lecture various individual technical solutions will be shown by video with different patients and different diseases.

    Method: Experience in combination with theory („philosophy“) of ICF

    Results: report

    Discussion: Difficulties in practical use of ICF

    Authors, Institutions:  Stefan Steinebach, Physical Therapist, LVR Clinic Bonn, Center of Child Neurology