For the sake of children: social paediatrics in action 2012

For the sake of children: social paediatrics in action. A festschrift in honour of Staffan Janson. Karlstad, Sweden: Martin McKee, Karlstad University; 2012. 174 p. (you […]

Jovancevic 2006

Milivoj Jovančević, Mladen Knežević & Ljubomir Hotujac, editors. Providing assistance in crisis situations to families with babies or toddlers. Zagreb 2006. 133 pages. [pdf 2 MB]

Julien 1999

Dr. Gilles Julien. Soigner différemment les enfants – l’approche de la pédiatrie sociale. Les Éditions Logiques, Montréal, Canada, 1999. 296 pages. Translated in english by Kathe Lieber […]

Lindstrom 1995

Social Paediatrics. Edited by Bengt Lindstrom and Nick Spencer. 614 pp. New York, Oxford University Press, 1995. ISBN 0-19-262179-3.   Reviewed in The New England Journal […]