ISSOP information posted in 2019 as News

New ways to measure the effects of armed conflict in civilian populations

This paper, written by Ayesha Kadir and MSF colleagues, is an important contribution to the literature on the measurement of the effects of armed conflict on […]

Search and access quickly ISSOP publications and presentations

Here you can search and access quickly ISSOP publications and presentations made at ISSOP meetings. Just type one author name or one word from the title […]

ISSOP2019 presentations are now available

We want to thank the presenters who agreed to share their presentations. Please inform the authors if you use their slides. You can access them from […]

Addressing inequities in child health and development: towards social justice

The short version of ISSOP Position Statement on Inequities in Child Health has been published in the BMJ Open Paediatrics journal. The paper can be downloaded […]

ISSOP Response to abuses of migrant children at US-Mexican border

ISSOP has published a response to the abuse of migrant children and their rights at the US-Mexican border. Our response complements that of the IPA (see […]

IPA Declaration on migrant children at US borders

The International Pediatric Association (IPA), one of ISSOP’s partner organizations, has published a Declaration strongly condemning and opposing the practices employed by the US government resulting […]

The First International Congress of Breastfeeding Reality

Colleagues in Turkey are organizing the first international congress on breastfeeding reality.  Here is the information about the congress: “The First International  Congress of Breastfeeding Reality”on October […]

ISSOP Children on the Move Survey Issue Brief

ISSOP’s Budapest Declaration was endorsed by over 30 pediatric and child health organizations. The Children on the Move Survey, completed by153 pediatricians and other child health […]

ISSOP Annual meetings – a history

In 1977, a group of paediatricians founded the European Society for Social Paediatrics in Lund (Sweden). In 2011, ESSOP became ISSOP : International Society for Social […]