e-bulletin 36 – December 2018 – Table of contents

ISSOP E-BULLETIN  36 – December 2018  – Table of contents => click here     To view the whole e-bulletin in a browser 1. Introduction 1.1. President’s report […]

e-bulletin 36 – 7.4 Pakistan Lady Health Worker programme for responsive care-giving

Pakistan is among the 10 countries with the highest burden of children not meeting their cognitive potential by 5 years of age. Pakistan has poor primary […]

e-bulletin 36 – 7.3 The right to health of the Child

Large numbers of children all over the world face significant health risks, such as infectious and chronic diseases, malnutrition, injuries and the consequences of natural disasters, […]

e-bulletin 36 – 7.2 Task Force HPH-CA Standards for Health Promotion for Children and Adolescents.

The Task Force HPH-CA (Health Promotion for and with Children of the International Health Promoting Hospitals Network) worked on the finalization of Standards and indicators on […]

e-bulletin 36 – 7.1 Are cars the new tobacco?

Journal of Public Health 2011, 33, 160-169 Douglas MJ, Watkins SJ, Gorman DR, Higgins M. https://academic.oup.com/jpubhealth/article/33/2/160/1591440 Though this publication is seven years old, it has been […]

e-bulletin 36 – 6. ISSOP Trainee Group Report

Here are some highlights of what our trainees have been up to over the past few months: In order to better understand the professional background of […]

e-bulletin 36 – 5.2 HIFA posting 25th October: Declaration of Astana charts course to achieve universal health coverage, 40 years since declaration on primary health care in Alma-Ata

Read online: http://www.who.int/news-room/detail/25-10-2018-new-global-commitment-to-primary-health-care-for-all-at-astana-conference 25 October 2018 News Release  Astana, Kazakhstan Countries around the world today agreed to the Declaration of Astana, vowing to strengthen their primary health […]

e-bulletin 36 – 5.1 CHIFA article in BMJ Paediatrics Open

An editorial on CHIFA has been published in the BMJ Paediatrics Open Why Health Information Needs to be Accessible to All https://bmjpaedsopen.bmj.com/content/2/1/e000352 The editorial is by […]

e-bulletin 36 – 4.2 Extinction Rebellion

This is a new organisation that takes direct action to draw attention to the huge threat of climate change. Its supporters believe that governments aren’t doing […]