ISSOP e-bulletin 36 December 2018

e-bulletin 36 – 4.1 Debate: personal or political in tackling climate change?

Tony: my personal action can make a difference Nibor: only government action will bring about change In this debate, Tony Waterston presents the view that individual […]

e-bulletin 36 – 3.3 Outstanding voices in Social Pediatrics

In this section, we present the voices and images of professionals with extensive experience in the field of social pediatrics. Our idea is that, in addition […]

e-bulletin 36 – 3.2 Global Child: a rights-based approach to enhance the health and developmental outcomes of children

In March 2017 a piece was published on GlobalChild project; and international initiative, conducted under the auspices of the UN Committee on the Rights of the […]

e-bulletin 36 – 3.1 Global Climate and Health Alliance

The Global Climate and Health Alliance was formed in Durban in 2011 to tackle climate change and to protect and promote public health. The Alliance is […]

e-bulletin 36 – 2.7 Measles resurgence

Posting on HIFA 29.11.18 from Neil Pakenham Walsh Extract below. Full text here: http://www.who.int/news-room/detail/29-11-2018-measles-cases-spike-globally-due-to-gaps-in-vaccination-coverage 29 November 2018 News Release  Geneva/ Atlanta/New York Reported measles cases spiked […]

e-bulletin 36 – 2.6 Disability in the Russian Federation

Dear colleagues, Let me introduce Rimma Terletskaya, honoured doctor of the Russian Federation, Professor, PhD, Chief researcher of National Medical Research Center of Children’s Health (Moscow). […]

e-bulletin 36 – 2.5 International Seminar on Child Rights and Health and satellite activities

In the days before the Seminar, the Santo Tomas Institute and the Hospital Sotero Del Rio invited Andrew Clarke to facilitate and lead several workshops, presentations and meetings about […]

e-bulletin 36 – 2.4 The effects of armed conflict on children

Dr. Sherry Shenoda addressing the US Senate at an AAP sponsored event to make Congress and global health partners in Washington, D.C. aware of the paper’s […]

e-bulletin 36 – 2.3 Save the dates: 2019 ISSOP Conference in Beirut

=> Download the flyer here The International Society for Social Pediatrics & Child Health in collaboration with: Faculty of Health Sciences, American University of Beirut International […]